Season 2011/12

5th place Liga Asobal



EHF-Cup Finalist 2006/07


4th place


As one of two teams participating for the first time at the EVFH-CUP in 2012, we welcome the team from CAJA3 BM Aragón from the Spanish city Saragossa to Ehingen! As with other spanish teams before the contact was concluded on our old friend Jaume Fort - a former world-class goalkeeper and "Competition and Operations Manager of 23rd Men's Handball World Championship - Spain 2013".
The team is mainly defined by the collective with many strong and promising talents, and has only a few stars in its ranks like Demetrio Lozano, three-time bronze medalist at the Olympics with the Spanish national team. Nevertheless, the team of Mariano Ortega is part of one of the best handball leagues in the World and was able to assure a respectable fifth place at Liga Asobal against some of the World´s best handball teams. Aragón also took part in the EHF-CUP final in 2006/07. We are looking forward to see CAJA3 BM Aragón!


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Die Torwarte:

  Nachname Vorname Geburtstag Position Trikot-Nr
1. Argüillas Alvarez Daniel 30.12.1992 TW 12
2. Kappelin Richard 30.09.1983 TW 1

Die Spieler:

  Nachname Vorname Geburtstag Position Trikot-Nr
1. Antonio Marcos Asier 10.07.1979 KL 5
2. Cartón Llorente Antonio 21.03.1980 RA 21
3. del Valle Navasa Alvaro 21.01.1994 RR 17
4. Dushebaiev Alex 17.12.1992 RM 10
5. Garcia Rubio Javier 07.01.1990 KL 22
6. Lozano Jarque Demetrio 26.09.1975 LR 11
7. Molina Cosano Carlos 31.05.1991 LA 18
8. Postigo Redondo Cristian 07.10.1989 LA 23
9. Ros Arribas Guillermo 19.04.1989 LR 20
10. Ruiz Casanova Sergio 07.07.1977 RR 15
11. Sorli Lahuerta Amadeo 14.07.1976 RR 2
12. Vigo Gerpe Victor 09.05.1984 RM 14

Die Offiziellen:

  Nachname Vorname Geburtstag Position
1. Ortega Martinez Mariano T
2. Moliner Noya Jorge CT
3. Caamaño Ballestín Juan OFFIZ
4. Mainer Sanmartin Oscar MGR
5. Sanz López Fernando PT