Ticket Prices

The Online -Ticketing will start soon for the Sparkasse Ulm-CUP 2017. Please notice that there will be a box-office at the tournament on both days.

Day tickets for saturday, August 12th 2017, are valid for six group matches 60min each.

Day tickets for sunday, August 13th 2017, are valid for three final matches 60min each.

CategoryDay Ticket
Adult 25 €
Student15 €
 CategoryTournament Ticket
 Adult  45 €
 Student 25 €
Prices are valid for advance booking. Supplement for box-office at tournament5 € per ticket

Important information for ordering tickets:

The payment for the ticket order must be made within 14 days after the appointment, otherwise the ticket   
  order will be canceled
There are no paper tickets but only printable online tickets. These will be sent after receipt of payment by email. On both days of the tournament the prints must be presented to the organizer.
• All tickets are sold online as long as there is availability.
• This year there will be a box-office at the tournament.
• Children from the age of four are also required to buy a ticket per match day.
• There are no single match tickets, only match day tickets.
• Seats are along one side only and there are no seats available behind the goals.
• Seats are not numbered, early arrival is recommended.

Further questions regarding tickets will be answered at ticket«anti-spam-part, please delete this.»@sparkasse-ulm-cup.de.