Brandnew: SCHLECKER CUP magazine 2007

07.08.2007 02:21

Like any year the SCHLECKER CUP magazine has long been awaited, the waiting is finally over!
Homepage and magazine have been set up so that the homepage keeps anyone up to date on SCHLECKER CUP issues and provides in-depth information such as the entire archive throughout the year, while on the spot the SCHLECKER CUP magazine offers background stories and many different articles.  On top of it all there is a flyer at the hall with the current team picture and squad.

Some highlights from the content:

  • Team pages
    with outlook on the past and present season
  • Portrait and experts view of Sead Hasanefendic
  • Exklusive interviews
    Stefan Loevgren
    Christian Fitzek
    Alfred Gislason
    Gyula Gal
    Pelle Linders
    Heykel Mgannem  
  • Column by Jaume Fort
  • Series: My personal highlight
  • Report on European competitions
  • Anniversary in figures

and many more...

Have a look and make up your mind. It's available now!