Tournament Rules

The general rules of the International Handball Federation apply. Furthermore we have certain regulations for this tournament: 
Playing time
Matches of the Sparkassen-CUP last on saturday 2x 30 min. Matches on sunday also last for the regular match time of twice 30 minutes.
Playing system of group matches on Saturday 

Six teams are split up in two groups of three. Within the group each team plays against the two other teams.
If the scores are equal, the goal difference decides.
If the goal difference is equal, the number of scored goals decides.

Playing system of placement matches on Sunday 

The winners of the group will go to the final, the second teams will play the third place and the third teams will play the first match on Sunday for the fifth place.
If a placement match ends with a tie after sixty minutes, there will be a two times five minute overtime session.
If the overtime session ends with a tie, five players of each team will be selected for a penalty shootout until a decision has been reached.

Specific regulations 
The number of players and goal keepers on the bench is unlimited.
Red cards are match penalties only.